Enjoy the Ideal Solo or Family Hunters Retreat in Central Michigan at Wesleyan Woods Camp

For a hunter, a hunting camp is nothing less than a sanctuary. For some, it might be a bare-bones cabin to use as an upgrade to a tent, and for others, it might be a repurposed shack.

What about a step-up? A hunters' retreat that has every activity and amenity you could need for an enjoyable hunting retreat. Sounds better, right?

That's what Wesleyan Woods Camp is all about. Backed by the mission to create memories through outdoor adventures and camping, the campground is spread across 160 acres in Michigan near Vassar. The multi-purpose facility also serves as a venue for camping trips and conferences.

Want to learn more about it? Let's dive in.

Overview of Wesleyan Woods Camp in Central Michigan

Wesleyan Woods is an RV campground open from May to mid-October. You can also get an appointment for off-season camping. Being a Christian adventure camp, they focus on high-quality camping and hunting experiences for solo adventurers and families alike.

The campground is in the vicinity of the Cass River, a majestic body of flowing water that makes a beautiful backdrop for any activity.

Hunters' Retreat in Wesleyan Woods

If you're in the central Michigan area and have been searching for a hunting retreat, you're in luck. The Wesleyan Woods have something for every kind of hunter.

Do you want to set up a hunting camp with your buddies? Or is your plan to spend time with your family outdoors? Both are possible.
The hunting retreat is not merely limited to hunting. Instead, it also offers other activities, such as friendly competitions in marksmanship, fishing, and archery.

Hunting Retreat Dates

You can find out about upcoming retreat dates on Wesleyan Woods' website. September is an excellent time to go for a family hunt camp, especially if you're looking to go on a weekend trip.

Hunting Camp Cost

Since Wesleyan Woods operates as a 501c3 non-profit ministry, you don't have to pay exorbitant fees to enjoy your time among nature.

The RV/tent site costs $45 for children aged 10 to 16. Adults pay $60 per person.
The price is inclusive of the following: 
  • 2 nights stay at the campsite 
  • All sessions and shoots 
  • 6 meals 

Competitions and Participation at Wesleyan Woods

If you have a knack for outdoor activities, you can take part in competitions that go on throughout the duration of the camp. Do note that you'll have to bring your equipment, such as muzzle-loaders, archery, shells, handguns, fishing poles, etc.

The campsite does not provide this equipment, neither to competition participants nor to hunters. If you partake in a firearm competition, you should also have your own eye and hearing protection.
If you're interested in getting more information about the hunting retreat, call the office at 1-989-823-8840. Or, simply fill out the reservation form online to be a part of the next hunters' retreat.

How the Right Campsite Can Upgrade Your Hunting Retreat

Most people believe that a rowdy tent with little to no features goes hand in hand with a hunting retreat. But it doesn't have to be this way. A hunting camp specifically made to accommodate hunters can upgrade your trip immensely.

Comfortable Accommodations

No one wants to use a rock as a pillow after a long and tiring day of hunting. Nor would you like to sleep on the ground without any sort of bedding, right?

The Hunters’ Retreat at Wesleyan Woods provides you with all the basic necessities to make your hunting retreat as comfortable as possible. Also, access to bathrooms means an even more comfortable hunting retreat!

Some hunting camps, such as Wesleyan Woods, also prepare meals for you. So, you don't have to worry about whipping up dinner after a tiring day in the woods.

Entertainment Options

When you go on a self-organized hunting event, the only thing you focus on is hunting. Once you're back from hunting, you have no choice but to hit the sheets or listen to that one buddy who likes to tell the same story a dozen times.

But that's not the case at Wesleyan Woods. At our Hunting Retreat, we offer a range of enjoyable hunting-related activities for you. For instance, you can join and watch participants in archery or firearm competitions.
If you're feeling adventurous, you might even want to participate. With the right safety measures in place, this can be a fantastic experience for you and your family.

Family Services

Going on a hunters' retreat as a family can be complicated, especially if you have children. Wesleyan Woods makes your family hunt camp experience in Central Michigan a breeze.

You can stay in the on-site tents with your family or bring your RV to the campground. Either way, you'll have access to the campsite's amenities and cooked food for a minimal price.
Wesleyan Woods is a drug and alcohol-free facility, which makes it even better for Christian families and those with children. Since the site's mission and vision are ingrained in Christianity, you can expect a peaceful and joyful stay.

Preparing for a Hunting Retreat in Central Michigan

Usually, you would have to research the hunting site, pack a tent, figure out the weather, and do much more to prepare for a hunting retreat.

However, Wesleyan Woods takes away the extra work. The hunting retreat dates are chosen based on the most favorable conditions. Plus, you don't have to bring a tent since it will be readily available. The same goes for food.

All you have to do is pack your hunting gear and hit the road. If you want to participate in the competitions at Wesleyan Woods, make sure to bring your equipment along.

Ready for the Hunter's Retreat at Wesleyan Woods Camp?

Whether you like to hunt with family or friends, Wesleyan Woods welcomes you with its amenities, delicious food, and peaceful atmosphere. The camp's mission is to "create memories that matter," and that's precisely what you'll leave with — beautiful memories of well spent time.

Get in touch with us or fill out the form to sign up for a hunting retreat.