Plan Your Next Event in Central MI at Wesleyan Woods Camp

Wesleyan Woods offers facilities that can meet the needs of your group. During the entire year, we host a variety of events, reunions, weddings, conferences, meetings, dinners and retreats for an equal variety of churches, schools, businesses, organizations, clubs and families. Any one of our facilities may be reserved for your special occasion! Please contact our office for group rates and make your reservation today.  

Office Phone: (989)823-8840

event and conference rentals central mi
event and conference rentals central mi

CR Dean Center (Conference & Meeting Center) Vassar, MI

conference center central mi
event rentals vassar mi

The CR Dean Center is a multi-purpose facility that can be used for conferences, retreats, family reunions, and much more. The Dean Center is 60′ x 80′ building with a seating capacity of 60. The Dean Center has the comfort of air conditioning throughout, contains a warming-kitchen and restrooms for the use of our guests. Adjoining the Dean Center is the Birch Lodge for sleeping accommodations if desired. The CR Dean Center is available all year long for reservations.

event center central mi

Cottonwood Center (Dining Hall) in Vassar, MI

The Cottonwood Center is the main dining hall with a 40′ x 75′ eating area, seating about 150 people. The Cottonwood Center has a full service kitchen and rest rooms. This facility is available spring, summer and fall.

dining hall central mi
conference center central mi

Wheeler Chapel in Vassar, MI

wedding venue vassar mi

The Wheeler Chapel is a 35′ x 55′ building that seats about 100 people. The Wheeler Chapel has a slightly raised stage area, rest room, and is both heated and air-conditioned.The Wheeler Chapel is commonly used for smaller groups or children’s activities. During the camping season, the Wheeler holds Sunday Morning Church Service at 10 am. This facility is available in the spring, summer, and fall months.

Wesley Center in Vassar, MI

The Wesley Center is a multi-purpose building offering a 89′ x 100′ space. There is a significantly raised stage, seating for 600, and the building is also air-conditioned and heated. This facility is available in the spring, summer, and fall months.

event center central mi
event center central mi

Small Conference Room (Nursery) in Vassar, MI

conference room central mi

The Small Conference Room (formerly known as the Nursery) can accommodate up to 25 individuals. The facility is 30′ x 40′, contains a restroom, heated and air-conditioned. The building also has a small, attached, fenced- in playground for the children. This facility is available spring, summer, and fall months.

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