Enjoy Fall Harvest Weekends at Wesleyan Woods Camp in Central MI

Fall is undoubtedly one of the most magical and fun times of the year. The weather shifts from the painful summer heat to a cool, bearable temperature, making it a great season to enjoy outdoorsy activities and cozy dinners at home.

What’s more, the Fall Harvest Weekends are always a great occasion to look forward to during this season. This festival welcomes everyone wholeheartedly to enjoy the crisp fall days and hustle and bustle.
So, if you want to experience the fantastic event while in Central MI, you may want to visit the Wesleyan Woods Camp. Keep reading to find the reasons to convince yourself to take the plunge. 

Experience Wesleyan Woods

Are you looking for a place to experience an outdoor adventure? Wesleyan Woods might be ideal for spending a weekend with family and friends.  Located on 160 acres, this family-friendly and clean campground is a stunning multi-purpose facility that helps you connect to nature.

The Cass River flows through the property, making it a great place to create memories.  Wesleyan Woods can be found in Central Michigan - located in Vassar. The place hosts several events every year, including the much-awaited Fall Harvest Weekend. 

Fall Harvest Weekend - What Is It?

The event is an annual festival that appreciates the change in time and weather. It is a celebration of the cooler temperatures, harvest of apples and pumpkins, and the beautiful foliage we witness.  

The Fall Harvest Weekend is often full of activities that adults and kids can experience. This traditional event was initially mostly experienced in Europe and North America but now is usually celebrated in many different regions of the United States.

Fall Harvest Weekend - When is It?

The Fall Harvest Weekend will happen over two weekends. So, you can join the festivities from the 6th to 8th October. But if you miss these days, you have another chance to experience this occasion from the 13th to the 15th of October for Fall 2023.

The Wesleyan Woods Camp is located at 4320 Caine Rd., Vassar, MI. 48768. This is a drug and alcohol-free facility. You can bring your kids and other family members for some weekend fun at our family-friendly camp!

Fall Harvest Weekend - What to Expect? 

Your fall festival experience won’t get wasted when spent at the Wesleyan Woods Camp. If you live in Central Michigan and areas close to the region, visiting this event will drive away all your weekday worries and help you spend a good time with your family.

When participating in the event, expect to take part in many different activities. 


This is a classic fall activity to experience the outdoors to the fullest and welcome the spirit of the new season. It allows you to have a great time enjoying the harvest season and relish the countryside's relaxing scenes.

A hayride allows you to sit on a trailer or wagon filled with hay. The vehicle is often pulled by a carriage or tractor and takes you through the surrounding fields. This is a great activity to experience the cool breeze of fall. 

Pumpking Decorating

If you are bringing kids, expect to keep them busy at different pumpkin decorating stations in the festival. This is a perfect activity to let your kids’ inner artist out and let them decorate their pumpkins just the way they wish to.

At Wesleyan Woods, you will be able to carve, paint, embellish, and transform your pumpkins to take back home with you. 

Scavenger Hunt

A fall harvest occasion would be incomplete without a scavenger hunt. This activity is ideal for keeping the fun element alive and increasing the adrenaline rush. Expect to have a great time and win precious gifts at the end of the game. 

Site Decorating Contest

Fall Harvest Weekends are all about cherishing the beauty of the surroundings. Therefore, you must not miss an opportunity to play a role. At the festival happening in the Weasley Woods, you can take part in the site decorating contest and decorate your given booth to showcase your creativity.

This is a family activity and can be a great opportunity to strengthen your bonds this season. 

Costume Contest

To make the event more fun, the Weasley Woods is also hosting a costume contest. At the Fall Harvest Weekends, prepare to dress up as your favorite character and win prizes. This activity will surely be fun to watch and experience. 

Pie Eating Contest

Fall Harvest Weekends can also  be enjoyed with our pie-eating contest. If you are a foodie, take part in the pie-eating game, where you will be judged and awarded by the number of pies consumed within the given time.

The program is for both kids and adults, so be sure to bring the whole family! 

Trick or Treating

Since Halloween is just around the corner, the festival lines up with the trick-or-treating season. You can prepare your kids beforehand for this traditional game so they can collect a good amount of treats to take back home.

Other than the above attractions, the festival will be lit up with great live music and food. You can also shop some crafts from local vendors and support their business while enjoying the event’s vibe.
The camp also plans to incorporate spooky attractions to highlight the upcoming Halloween festivity. If you are in for a fright, you will have a good time. 
Make sure to join the event in the early hours of the day and benefit from the natural light. Also, coming early will help you enjoy all the activities without waiting in line. 

Come enjoy the Fall Harvest at Wesleyan Woods Camp in Central Michigan this October 2023!

The vibe of fall is unmatchable, especially after a sunny and sweaty summer. Therefore, you shouldn’t shy away from welcoming it with an open heart. 
If you have been craving some outdoor fun after staying indoors for too long, make sure to mark the dates. The Fall Harvest Weekend at the Wesleyan Woods Camp is all the entertainment you need right now.

It will be an excellent experience for you and your family to cherish for the rest of your lives. If you have any questions regarding the event, contact us, and the staff would be delighted to help you in every way.