Wesleyan Woods Offers Event Rentals in Central MI

Have you ever thought of planning an event, a get-together or a meeting in Wesleyan Woods? The idea may seem like a good one, but is it possible?
It definitely is courtesy of all the services and space Wesleyan Woods offers. You only have to book the place and use it for any event you like.

About Wesleyan Woods

Formed in 1973, Wesleyan Woods is a campground created for the love of people. This is an entirely family-friendly place that can help you design memories through activities like camping, intentional ministry and many outdoor adventures.

Do you know who owns the campground? The Great Lakes Region, which belongs to the Wesleyan Church, runs this location as a complete non-profit ministry. It also has a strong governing board, ensuring all families, individuals and groups have a safe time.
Since this place is a Christ-centered location, it doesn't allow any drugs or alcohol on its campgrounds. Moreover, the staff at Wesleyan Woods is highly well-trained and disciplined, ensuring that you have a safe and good time and are provided with all your required facilities.

This is all achieved while offering you an excellent and flawless camping experience.
Wesleyan Woods covers around 160 acres of land in Michigan's Thumb region. You can find the location near Vassar and book it for your events.

The multipurpose facility can be used all year round for various purposes. The place features the Cass River, which flows along the property, offering great background scenes while you organize a meeting, get-together or conference.
Moreover, the camp provided can be used by both individuals or a group of people, depending on the requirements.

When hosting an event, you don't have to worry about the campground's authenticity. Wesleyan Woods is a licensed location and an RV-friendly facility, open for the public between May 1st and October 15th.
If you want to book it on different days, an appointment may be required. 

Top Locations in Wesleyan Woods to Arrange Events

Wesleyan Woods in Central, MI, offers more than one location for you to arrange your event. Yes, you can pick a facility according to the occasion's purpose and the number of people attending.

Here are a few options available to explore.

CR Dean Center

You can use this place for a conference or meetings. Whether you have a family reunion or a retreat, you can utilize the facility as per your needs to accommodate as many people as you want.

The CR Dean Center can easily accommodate 60 people at a time. The 60'*80' building has strong and smooth air conditioning, ensuring that you and your guests have a comfortable time.
In addition, meetings in winter can be accommodated with warm restrooms and kitchen areas. If you wish your guests to stay here for a night or two, the Birch Lodge located right next to Dean Center, offers all the desired accommodation facilities. 
One of the best things about CR Dean Center is that it is available for the entire year. This way, you won't have to pick a non-accommodating date for your event.

Cottonwood Center

If you want to invite 100 to 150 people for an event, you might want to consider Cottonwood Center as an option. This is the main hall with a dining facility and has comfortable seating for 150 guests.

This is originally an eating area but can be used for conferences, meetings and family reunions. One of the best things about this place is that it comes with restrooms for your guests. In addition, it features a fully furnished and servicing kitchen, allowing you to cook your favorite meals as required.
Although Cottonwood Center is unavailable during winter, you can still book it for the months in summer, spring or autumn.

Wheeler Chapel

Do you want to invite a small group of people and require a facility accordingly? If yes, Wheeler Chapel may be a great option.

This building in the Weasley Camp can easily host 100 people at a time. In the majority of cases, the building is used for small parties and kid gatherings.
A few of the most convenient features in the building include a raised stage, heated or air-conditioned hall and restrooms.

You can book this place during the summer, spring and fall months.

Wesley Center

Here is another facility that may tick all the right boxes for you. The Wesley Center is definitely the largest and most spacious building that can easily accommodate 600 people at a time.

It is a beautiful place with a raised stage, comfortable seats and an air-conditioned and heated hall. You can use the facility during the summer, fall and spring months. Make sure you book the place in advance, as it is usually in demand.

Small Conference Room

Also called the 'Nursery', the Small Conference Room in Wesleyan Woods is a perfect place to accommodate 25 people at a time.

This nursery is perfect for a playdate or a family get-together. It features a restroom, which is ideally air-conditioned and heated.
What's more, the facility has a playground for children with a safe boundary. This means that your kids can have a great time while you meet up with the adults.

You can book this place in the summer, fall or spring months. Since it is usually in demand, ensure to book your spot in advance.

Celebrate Your Event at Wesleyan Woods Camp in Central MI

Are you on the lookout for a perfect location to host your upcoming event? If yes, now you know where to go. Wesleyan Woods is an ideal place and home to various halls to accommodate as many people as you want.

Moreover, since the facility is family-friendly, you don't have to worry about your event getting ruined by inappropriate and unsafe people.
To get a spot, book in advance. You can fill out the form on the website with your name, contact details and query. Or you can also choose to visit the location before finally booking a hall.

Here is to having a good time at one of the best spots in Central MI.