Operation Camping Ministry

What is Operation Camp Ministries?

It is your opportunity to make Jesus known through Wesleyan Woods sponsored camps and retreats. At the heart of our exsistance, Wesleyan Woods seeks to minister to each person who steps foot upon its grounds, make Jesus known and bring glory to God.

What is a Share?:

A share is a monthly commitment of $20.00 for one year ($240.00 total for one year). A total of 750 shares would allow us to offer the following Wesleyan Woods sponsered camps at no cost to the participants:

  • Strong Families RV Rally
  • Camp Courageous Kids
  • White Flag Teen Camp
  • Explorer Day Camps
  • And Other Sponsored Wesleyan Woods Camps

Share The Legacy:


Join us in praying that God moves at Wesleyan Woods in ways that only He can. Pray about how God could use you in the ministry of Wesleyan Woods.


You are investing in something that is bigger than and reaching out beyond yourself. If each Wesleyan Woods sponsored camp operated at full capacity, 1800 lives would have the opportunity to be changed in a place where God speaks through His wondrous creation and His Word.


Help us get the word out about Wesleyan Woods Family Campground!