Camp Ministries

Operation Camping Ministry

What is Operation Camping Ministry?

It is your opportunity to make Jesus known through Wesleyan Woods sponsored camps and retreats. At the heart of our existence, Wesleyan Woods seeks to minister to each person who steps foot upon its grounds, make Jesus known and bring glory to God.

Share The Legacy:

  • Strong Families RV Rally
  • Courageous Kids                                                  
  • White Flag Teen Camp
  • Hunter's Retreat
  • Explorer Day Camps
  • And Other Sponsored Wesleyan Woods Camps


In addition to our youth camps, Wesleyan Woods offers several different retreats/rallies throughout the camping season. Strong Family RV Rally is fast becoming a popular weekend and our Hunter's Retreats held in the fall is another popular weekend. These are just two of the many weekends we hold to bring people closer to God and each other.

Youth/Kids Camps

We at Wesleyan Woods offer youth camps during the summer. Courageous Kids is about fun and learning. That same fun continues on into our White Flag Teen Camp. Through out the summer, Wesleyan Woods holds or sponsors camp for kids of all ages and background.