Camp & Go Packages

Wesleyan Woods Campground offers two Camp-n-Go packages

Packages are designed to be used throughout the camp season from May 1-October 15th. 2 weeks maximum stay on 1 specific site. Reservations will need to be made through the registration office, not through the online reservation system. Camp-N-Go nights do not have to be reserved at the time package is purchased. Camp-N-Go nights are only good for the season when purchased. Camp-N-Go packages can not be carried over to the next camp season. Camp-N-Go nights are not transferable to another family.


Maple Package

30 nights of Camp-N-Go F/H  $750

30 nights of Camp-N-Go W/E $600


Hickory Package

100 nights of Camp-N-Go F/H  $1800

100 nights of Camp-N-Go W/E $1375